Susan Houseman Designs specializes in a variety luxury hand lettering services. They include both traditional and modern calligraphy, engraving, watercolor and bottle painting.

St. Louis Wedding Calligrapher


It is my pleasure to provide calligraphy services for on site events, weddings and commissions.  Calligraphy leaves a lasting impression with it’s luxuriousness and elegance.

Mother of the Bride Gift


Hand engraving elevates a product to keepsake status. More than 80% of consumers purchase more items when adding personalization. Hand engraving adds that special human touch that a machine will never provide.

Missouri Calligraphy Artist


Watercolor commissions range from card making, bookmarks, and quotes.  Let’s work together to create something special.

Missouri Engraving _ Painting


Gift giving just got even more fun with bottle painting. Since it’s unwise to engrave on champange bottles, you can instead have beautiful florals added to adorn the bottle.  Perfect for gift giving, on site events and galas.

Susan Hosueman Designs_Soul Stones


I designed Soul Stones in 2020 during the Covid lockdown as a way to connect people with positive affirmations during challenging times.  The Soul Stones are glass and are hand engraved with your word choice.  They make the perfect gift and are small enough to carry around in your pocket or purse.