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Calligraphy & Engraving

Hand Calligraphy Addressing

Outer Envelope                         $4.50 per

Inner Envelope                          $2.50 per

Outer/Inner Set                         $7.00 per

Textured/Color Paper               $1.00 per

R.S.V.P Envelope (address)      $4.00

Special colors, gouache, watercolor   $30.00 

Escort Cards                            $2.50 per

Non Paper Surface (ie. Acrylic, Mirrors )               $3.00 and up

Ribbons, odd surfaces                     $6.00and up 

Minimum order                        $250.00

  • paper products to be provided by the client plus 10% overage supply


Booking Fees (non-refundable deposit)            $75

Before project starts (non-refundable deposit)          50%

Rush Fee                             50% and up    


Live Calligraphy or Engraving

St. Louis Area                        $600.00/4 hour

St Louis Area                         $900.00/6 hour

Certificates Calligraphy

Fill in the blancks                        $15 per $250 min

Calligraphy on Mats

Name                                 $20 per

Date                                $5 per

*please email me with a description of the project and information for pricing. 

Commissioned pieces

Poems, watercolor, passages, vows            $300.00 base

*please provide exact text via email for a price quote and other details


This is handwritten work and is unlike a computer generated text.  That is what makes it so beautiful because nothing is exactly the same.  


Please share your images on social media and tag/credit my work (@susanhousemandesigns).  Professional photography of my work is always appreciated.