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Selecting a Business Coach

I’m sure you have heard this over the years, “You need to hire a business coach if you want to be successful!" This was an easy task for me because I was part of a women’s networking group that had several coaches available to hire. They were all qualified in their area, but our values and goals didn’t align.

I wanted a coach that understood what it meant to run a calligraphy business. I spent too many years compromising my business to fit into someone else's formula. I've experienced too many years of disappointment from business professionals who overlooked my business because of a lack of understanding what calligraphy represents and ended up turning to a graphic designer instead.

Recently though something wonderful has happened! I discovered Rosie Chhun, owner of WanderCrafter and The Craft Academy. Rosie is a very experienced calligrapher and engraver who owns and runs a successful calligraphy business. She is well versed in all the ups and downs of owning a calligraphy business. In addition, Rosie created The Craft Academy coaching services for calligraphers like myself. I was so impressed with Rosie, she has a strong business sense, she is also has a generous and tenacious spirit. However, I didn’t feel I could afford her. Truthfully, I scared of more failure and disappointment.

It took me until September of 2022 to finally decided to hire Rosie as my coach. This was the best decision I've made for myself and my business. Joining The Craft Academy and having Rosie as my coach has helped me to establish a networking community of like minded calligraphers from around the world. This was especially valuable when my husband accepted a job in Las Vegas. Through Rosie’s coaching service I was able to pass along my local St. Louis area connections to other calligraphers and then establish new connections in Las Vegas.

Hiring a coach is a personal choice, and I believe you need to shop around and find a coach that will challenge you to grow, understand your struggles and celebrate your wins. Don’t just hire anyone! Take the time to interview potential coaches, listen to what they offer, what they stand for, and what they want for their business as well as yours. You will know if their is a connection!

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