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Susan works to create memorable moments and keepsake items with her calligraphy services in Las Vegas.  Clients have the choice between calligraphy, engraving, or pyrography.  This is a wonderful customizable service for brand activations, product launches and live events.  Whether Susan is working in the studio or at a live event, she has the experience and talent to make lasting impressions.


I’m a passionate live event artist specializing in calligraphy, engraving, hot foiling, and watercolor in Las Vegas. 


While I was raising my three kids, I began educating myself in calligraphy, and the various tools and surfaces used. Over time I’ve studied with other well-known artists and attended many training events. 


I’ve had the honor of being published in several art magazines and have been showcased in several gallery shows. The magazine publisher Stampinton & Company and I have collaborated on an alphabet stamp line that I designed just for them.  


I love what I do, and I am passionate about sharing it with my clients and their customers.  Working live events allows me the opportunity to share what I love with others while creating something beautiful to mark the occasion.  

Susan Houseman Designs _ Coporate Hot Foiling _ Vegas


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