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Susan works to create memorable moments and keepsake items with her calligraphy services.  Clients have the choice between calligraphy, engraving, or bottle painting.  This is a wonderful customizable service for brand activations, product launches and live events.  Whether Susan is working in the studio or at a live event, she has the experience and talent to make lasting impressions.

Wedding Calligraphy / Susan Houseman Designs


Hand lettering makes a lasting impression on everyone including the recipient. People love watching calligraphers write! Whether it’s a name, message, personal affirmation seeing it executed using traditional calligraphy styles is seen as luxurious.  Each piece that is written is a work of art, which is a very special experience in your boutique or event.  

Have pen and will travel to personalization at your on-demand, as on-site events in Las Vegas.  This services is also for luxury retailers, corporate activations, and more.  

Please contact me and we can discuss how to make your event a luxurious experience that will leave your guest with a memorable keepsake.  

Susan Houseman Designs _ Calligraphy _ Engraver_edited.jpg


Making gift give memorable just got easier.  Glass and other materials can be hand engraved at your boutique, on-site event for your guests. Using a small portable machine to permanently engrave a name or message will delight your guests. Special touches like gold or silver fill can be added to enhance the engraving. This is a luxurious way to

elevate your guests experience.  

Personalization can be done in studio or by book your event, brand activation or personal event in Las Vegas.

The setup is minimal and easy to clean up.  I will bring all the tools I need to your location.    

Please contact me and let’s work together to create luxurious hand engraved keepsakes for your guests. 

Susan Houseman Designs _Engraving _ Bottle Painting.jpeg


Wine bottles, fragrances and other hard materials are perfect for hand painting live at your boutique, or event in Las Vegas, and in my studio.  

For on-site event, it can take around 10-20 minutes to complete a designs. The artwork is then sealed using a glass sealer. Creating keepsake items and cherished memories is my speciality.  

Please contact me and let’s work together to create a memorable keepsake for your gift give or guest.  


*  Fragrance / Perfume / Cologne 

*  Glass Wine or Liquor Bottles

*  Glass Jewelry Boxes

*  Skincare / Makeup 

*  Boxes 

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