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Joy and being an Entrepreneur

What does joy have to do with being an entrepreneur? What I’ve encountered after relocating to Las Vegas is the amount of unexpected challenges. One of which includes the motivation to keep developing my business. This has been a huge transition on both a personal and professional level.

After pausing a minute, I was fully aware that I needed to begin by setting up my creative space with my favorite tools and decorations and familiars. I still have boxes of unpacked supplies, however, I can unpack them when I’m ready. Next, I tackled my website to establish my SEO here in Vegas. I had to ask for help with my website and SEO from a professional. This allowed me to focus on how I wanted to proceed with my calligraphy.

I understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, yet I didn’t understand or grasp the extent of the connections I had established in St. Louis. Connecting with like minded calligraphy business owners has helped me to clarify where I want my business to go and grow. It was important to stop and revisit my “WHY.” I’ve discovered that this is what brings joy into everything I do.

I enjoy the experience of working live events. I love to create for my clients and their guests. I experience as powerful sense of joy when I know that my client just exceeded their anticipated sales goals for the live event. Interacting with my clients and their guests to personalize items that they treasure brings joy that is contagious. It spreads from one person to the other, it’s a shared experience. That is why I still have a calligraphy business and that is why I am a joyful calligrapher! Life is always moving and changing, but Joy is an inside job.

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