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Live Events in Las Vegas

Well it’s almost been a year since I moved from St. Louis to Las Vegas! In St. Louis my events ranged from live calligraphy to engraving. I worked for luxury brands, and most of these events were for special store occasions or holidays.

But, I was completely unaware of the difference and benefits I would encounter here in Vegas. It was my mission that my business did not surfer a financial loss due to the move and along the way I learned something priceless for my business as well as my clients.

I learned that Vegas is all about live events. It is a fact that 90% of us like receiving a free gift, especially if it’s been personalized. There is also something captivating when we watch someone perform a live service. The process can leave a long lasting memory for the receiver.

I recently had the opportunity to work at a couple of private red carpet events, interacting with guests first hand who were absolutely delighted that they could witness their gift being personalized. It doesn’t matter if it’s calligraphy on paper, engraving on glass or hot foiling on leather surfaces. The magic happens durning the process of connecting with the guest, and delivering that personalized items into their hands.

So the next time you have an event, conference, or meeting in Las Vegas, consider adding that special touch with a live event calligraphy artist and making it unforgettable!



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