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Calligraphy Business Journey

My calligraphy story started over 30 years ago. My passion for calligraphy has grown and evolved over the years. I value the education I've received by taking classes with other professional calligraphers, engravers and artist's. It’s my pleasure to be able to provide my clients and their custormers with variety and options in the application of this beautiful art form.

For your sanity and mine, we are going to jump to my present-day business challenges. This is unlike any business challenge I have faced over the years. Why? Well, I recently move from St. Louis to Las Vegas. Leaving behind all my contacts, business referrals and hard earned clients. I had established my onsite events and live events schedule with some luxury brands and was working hard to add more to my calendar when this opportunity to move arose.

Even though life has thrown this curve ball my way, I find myself ready for the challenge. Join me as I learn to nagivate the ups and downs of my calligraphy business here in Las Vegas. I’m thankful for the opportunity I had this past holiday season to work with TAG Heuer and Freixenet. Now the question is who will be my next luxury brand clients? Stay tuned on how things develop.

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